travel photographersMe and my lover are anything but typical. Hollywood refers to us as a “May December” couple, meaning we have a large age difference  (24 years ;-). Seasons and time aside, we have way more things in common than the number of years between us.

We are addicted to photography, art, design, travel, fashion & culture! High on life, we are intrigued by the worlds variety of lifestyles. There really isn’t anything we don’t admire as long as it has artistic expression or its spirit is authentic. This includes food, dance, music and anything else imbued with cultural pride & creativity. Sometimes art & beauty is unintentional, and we love that too! It’s a great big world filled with fascinating cultures and sub-cultures. Documenting the many facets of people and place is enough to keep our senses stimulated for a lifetime.

Like our tastes, our blog is totally eclectic. ‘Work is play’ when we do what we love. Therefore our blog reflects a blend of our bohemian lifestyle. Our purpose is to share our journey & discoveries by introducing you to interesting & exciting places.  We want to celebrate the joys of  life with you…living a bit unconventionally and trusting in the moment. With our photo stories we want to take you down unfamiliar paths and give you a fresh perspective of the familiar.

Beauty is life when you surround yourself in its diversity, and life is beautiful when your eyes, heart and mind are open..

Please join us…Speaking Bohemian..