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The annual World of Wine event in Temecula wine country, hosted by the Temecula Wine Growers association included the participation of over 30 wineries! The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and we had a blast going on the self-guided tour taking pics and sampling food and wine.  Bummer there isn’t a compartment in my camera bag for a wine glass. Luckily I had my friend Tina there to help with my equipment and hold my glass of wine while I snapped pics.

We started our day in the cool barrel room at Ponte Winery. They had a fabulous pairing with Pinot Grigio and crab cakes with cilantro!

temecula wine country travel food and wine photos by heather van gaale of the wow event by the temecula wine growers association

Longshadow ranch (pictured above bottom row)  has a casual old-west vibe  with Belgian draft horses, a ranch style picnic area and a barn that is awesome for wedding and events. The bbq pork and potato salad paired well with the syrah and their country style atmosphere. I even spotted the first growth of the season on a young vine.

Down a quiet dirt road surrounded by citrus groves and vineyards, Lorimar Winery (pictured below) held open barrel tastings! The excitement & anticipation of their grand opening coming soon was in the air as everyone sported black mustaches in honor of the Tuscan style winery. We had a blast hanging out there and sampling their red wines straight from the barrels.

Pictured below right is co-owner Lawrie, with the stunning new Lorimar Winery in the distance.

temecula winery lorimar at the world of wine event by photographer heather van gaalelorimar winery photo by wine photographer heather van gaale at barrl tasting event wow


chef vulker lutz chef portrait for food and wine temecula photographer vangaale


We also enjoyed visting Wiens Family Cellars. It was fascinating watching  Chef Vulker Lutz  work his magic for the perfect pasta and red wine pairing. If any drops I’m using the five second rule!

Some wineries participated in the wine cork art contest.  Wiens vespa cork sculpture gave a super fun photo op for guests to enjoy! No drinking and driving Tina!!

live coach tina fin at wiens winery by temecula travel photographer heather van gaale

Pictured below is the always happening South Coast Winery Resort and Spa.They served Dutch Gouda from my family’s cheese farm The Winchester Cheese Company, along with a fig salsa and duck pruciotto. The food was presented perfectly and begged for a photo, I took a few but my camera was drawn to the chef! I love photographing chefs! I’m a sucker for a great cook. Especially cute ones with an official hat and tattoos.

chef with white hat and clean white background stock photo arranging food chef portrait

temecula event photographer travel food and wine photos

Wilson Creek Winery (pictured above) served an amazing duck taco with a mandarin salsa paired with peach champagne..oh my! They also had an incredible Lion sculpure meticulously crafted out of cork by Jeff who works at the winery. Rosie Wilson’s friend was chillin’ with his shades on happy to hear that pork wasn’t on today’s menu.

Temecula is like Disneyland for wine lovers, you need the three day pass!! It is impossible to get to all the wineries in one day. We only made it to 10 wineries. Fortunately WOW is a two day event.

By the time we got to De Portola wine trail the event was ending but the lighting was great. We pulled over and did an impromptu shoot in front of the super scenic and vibrant hot pink flowers at Leonesse until dusk.

scenic pic of temecula wine country by wine photographer heather van gaale


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